Does Beverly Hills Luxury Management ("BHLM") accept credit cards for payment of rent and the security deposit?

Yes, BHLM accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.

A 3.5% processing surcharge is added to all cardholders transactions for rental payments that is remitted by credit card.

How much is the event venue rental fee?

As with all event venue rentals, including hotels, the venue only rental fee for an event is calculated based on the number of guests.

We can also customize an event package, with our approved third party vendors, which may include valet parking, shuttle and limousine service, catering, wait staff, buffet dining and tray pass hors d'oeuvres.

Please contact our office for specific pricing for your event based on the number of (all inclusive) guests.

What is the meaning of "all inclusive guests"?

All inclusive guests, is the total number of guests on the property during the event.

This includes all third party vendors including without limitation; security, valet parking attendants, bar tenders, wait staff, caterers, etc.

What are the Beverly Hills Luxury Management Terms and Conditions?

The Terms and Conditions for Beverly Hills Luxury Management can be viewed here.

What are the booking cancellation policies?

The BHLM cancellation policy is the same as the AirBnB "super strict" cancellation policy, across all booking platforms regardless of whether you book with us directly or through AirBnB, Homeaway or any other

vacation rental or event platform.

Cleaning fees and the security deposit are always, 100% refundable for all cancelled reservations.

If the guest cancels less than 60 days in advance, the hours rented or nights not spent are not refunded.

If guest arrives and decides to leave early, the hours rented or nights not spent are not refunded.

If the reservation is cancelled more than 60 days prior to the event or vacation rental check-in, 50% of the rent is refunded.

Our cancellation policy may be viewed on AirBnB here

Can I walk through the residence prior to booking?

AirBnB and HomeAway do not conduct walk throughs for short term rentals prior to booking.

For trust and safety, AirBnB and Homeaway will not release the host contact information, or address of the residence until after a booking is verified and paid in full. 

The BHLM Terms and Conditions and policy regarding trust and safety, as it pertains to walk throughs, are the same as AirBnB.

Generally, we do not conduct walk throughs for short term reservations, that is, reservations that are less than 30 days in duration. 

However, on a courtesy basis, requests can be submitted for a walk through, however there is no guarantee of availability for a walk through prior to check-in.

When will I receive check-in instructions?

Check-In Instructions are not provided until payment of rent and security deposit have been paid in full and evidence of insurance has been provided to our office. 

The check-in instructions include, amongst other things, gate remote control access instructions and the high-speed wifi password.

How quickly does BHLM refund the security deposit after check-out?

Assuming no issues, the security deposit is normally refunded back to your credit card within 7- 14 days after check-out. 

Refund processing times depend on your financial institution.

At the latest, security deposit refunds that are payable are refunded back to the credit card on file, no later than 21 days after check-out.

Is event host insurance required?

Absolutely. Event host insurance is mandatory and must cover general liability with a minimum $2 million per occurrence with a $3 million general liability aggregate and $1 million property damage coverage,

with a waiver of subrogation.

Event host insurance must be provided to our office upon request and no later than (72) hours prior to check-in, naming BHLM as additional insured.

Is host liquor liability insurance required?

Absolutely. If alcohol is served at the residence, then host liquor liability insurance naming BHLM as additional insured is mandatory.

Do you allow third party event security?

Subject to being approved and providing the required evidence of insurance, naming BHLM as additional insured.

Security companies must be licensed and registered with the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services and provide a Certificate of Insurance ("COI") that names BHLM as additional insured and 

satisfies our minimum insurance coverage requirements.

What if I have a dispute regarding the rental or security deposit?

By placing a booking with BHLM and pursuant to our Terms and Conditions you agree you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of binding arbitration and that FairClaims ( shall resolve any

disputes related to the reservation (up to an amount of $15,000). In the unlikely event a dispute arises, FairClaims is a cost effective, online binding arbitration platform that provides legally enforceable arbitration decisions.

FairClaims is used to resolve disputes by some of the worlds largest vacation rental and event rental websites, including industry leader, HomeAway.

For more information on FairClaims visit their website: 

What are the Fair Claims Rules and Procedures?

The Fair Claims Rules and Procedures can be downloaded here.

In the unlikely event of a dispute involving a reservation exceeding $15,000, such dispute is referred to the American Arbitration Association ( 

What time is Vacation Rental check-in?

Vacation Rental check-in time is 5pm.


What time is Vacation Rental check-out?


Vacation Rental check-out time is 10am.


What is the penalty for late check-out?


Late check-out is charged at the penalty rate of (2) times the daily rental rate.

What happens if I do not provide evidence of insurance or I do not pay rent in full or the refundable security deposit? 


You will be notified by email, if we have not received evidence of insurance, rent in full or the refundable security deposit.

If full rental payment, evidence of insurance or the refundable security deposit is requested on an existing reservation and is not paid within (72) hours prior to check-in, the reservation will be treated as an


abandoned booking or traveler cancelled reservation and strict cancellation terms listed above shall apply.


This does not apply to same day reservations, as the insurance and refundable security deposit is paid in full at the time of booking.

What is considered "payment in full"?

"Payment in full" or "full rental payment" means full and cleared payment of rent and the refundable security deposit.

Payment in full does not include payments remitted by personal check, or uncleared funds. 

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