Beverly Hills Billion Dollar Estate Listing 

The most expensive property in Beverly Hills, California is now listed for sale at $1 Billion USD, (that's Billion with a "B") and is officially the most expensive property in the history of Los Angeles (if not the world). 

As featured in Forbes Magazine and the New York Times, the lot features a panoramic mountain tract of land, featuring 157 acres of prime ready to develop real estate, formerly owned by various trusts, entities, royals (the Shah of Iran's sister) and celebrities (game show impresario Merv Griffin) and is well suited for Russian oligarchs or the Saudi Royal Family.  


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Forbes Magazine | "Beverly Hills Billion Dollar Listing" 

Bel Air Mansion Listed for $500 Million  

The most expensive property in Bel Air, California is currently in the final stages of construction, situated on four hilltop acres in Bel Air, California. This spectacular contemporary estate features an indoor/outdoor nightclub perfect for the ultimate mansion party and live entertaining, four infinity swimming pools, a private bowling alley and an entertainment room full of glowing jelly fish reminiscent of the Atlantis Bahamas.

Estimated Construction Completion Date:  2019.

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Architectural Digest | "$500 Million Bel Air Mansion" 

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